We will implement a project for the installation of biological barriers in the Curonian Lagoon

2018 05 08

UAB Garant Service has signed an agreement with the Administration of Kuršių Nerija National Park for the installation of biological barriers in the waters of the Curonian Lagoon. Two special barriers, or Live Lagoons, will be installed in two places – in the territory of Kuršių Nerija National Park and on the coast of the Curonian Lagoon – by 2020. The aim of the Live Lagoons project is to introduce innovative small-scale green technologies, which retain and eliminate nutrients on the beaches of the Baltic lagoons, as well as to reduce the emission of pollutants into the Baltic Sea. Also, the barrier will protect the coast and dunes of Nida.

Within the project, a team of Garant Service specialists will create and mount the barrier. It will be a weaved network of synthetic materials planted with spices selected by biologists, which help to reduce pollution of the Baltic Sea. This barrier will be mobile and can be “unpinned” to allow sailors of Nida Sports School to sail from the gulf. In winter, the barrier will also be removed.