Bonded stores and provision

UAB Garant Supply, part of Garant Group, supplies full provision, including food and soft drinks and all types of industrial, household and technical products, to any type of vessel – fishing, leisure, industrial. The company also has the necessary authorisation and licenses to supply excisable goods. UAB Garant Supply has been executing orders for ships in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions for nearly 30 years. The company is currently serving more than 70 ships. A division was established in Spain in 2016 to ensure comprehensive supplies for vessels of all types in Las Palmas. The company’s logistics are supported by a fleet of 5 trailers. We can deliver goods to any port in the world where our customers are located at any given moment. The main warehouse is situated in Klaipėda, while Garant Las Palmas is established in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria).

ships currently served
we work all over the world
Garant Supply’s customers are long-term clients


Services provided

  • Food and beverages (except alcohol)
  • Excisable goods
  • Household goods
  • Industrial goods
  • Other goods, which may be transported and are not included on lists of prohibited goods