Ship maintenance and manufacture of metal structures

UAB Garant Service performs the repairs of the ship's main and auxiliary engines, ship and shore industrial equipment, designs and manufactures customised items as specified by a customer. The company, both independently or with partners, is involved in large ship modernization projects, major ship overhaul and new equipment integration projects.

Our strength: various repairs by mobile engineer and specialist teams to ensure uninterrupted operation of the ship. The mobile engineer and specialist teams are selected according to the customer’s demands and nature of repairs, while organising the shipment of mobile special tools for specific repairs. Mobile engineer teams perform various complexity tasks at any port of the world or at sea without limiting the vessel operations. 

Garant Service UAB provides services and supplies for shipping and industrial sectors on shore and offshore, as well as for sea platforms.

The company's long-term experience is its appeal and advantage, along with a team of certified engineers who are well versed in customer needs and provision of 24/7 service anywhere in the world.

Garant Service UAB, as a member of the Garant Group, also offers complex services in conjunction with other Garant Group companies.

The company provides services and supplies goods to the shipping and industrial sectors onshore and at sea as well as to offshore maritime facilities. UAB Garant Service boasts long-term professional experience in this area and a team of highly qualified, certified engineers who can provide services around the clock in any location around the world.

UAB Garant Service, as part of Garant Group, can also offer integrated services in cooperation with the other group companies.

ships provided with repair and other services in 2017
provides services to ships around the world at any one time


Services provided

  • Engine repair
  • Design of structures and auxiliary equipment
  • Manufacture, repair and upgrade of metal structures
  • Repair of electronic and automation equipment
  • Repair of hydraulic systems
  • Manufacture and repair of pipeline systems
  • Repair of deck mechanisms and pumps
  • Customisation and mounting of new equipment
  • Rope and line products; manufacture, testing and certification of lifting ropes
  • Polishing of engine crankshafts
Industrial companies
  • Pipeline repair
  • Engine and mechanical repair
  • Design and manufacture of complex metal structures
  • Upgrades
  • Polishing of engine crankshafts
  • Implementation of international projects
Offshore industries
  • Repair and manufacture of metal structures
  • Design of metal structures and customised products
  • Repair and technical maintenance of mechanisms
  • Certified manufacture of ropes and lines


Project name:
Design and manufacture of a trailer for a motorboat
Location: Klaipėda
Brief description of works:

In cooperation with UAB Garant Boats&Yachts, UAB Garant Service engineers manufactured a trailer for a motorboat, carefully taking into account the motorboat’s length. The project involved development and manufacture of a customised product. The trailer is intended for transporting and storing the motorboat.

Project name:
Repair of the Clipper Talent’s ballast system
Implementation date: 2017
Brief description of works:

Repair of the ML Clipper Talent’s ballast system – replacement of pipe segments with new ones. This project is unique because all preparatory work was performed by our company and the pipes were installed when the ship stopped in port briefly, so its navigation schedule was unaffected. The ship’s owner was unable to provide accurate drawings, and preparation for the works had to be undertaken by remote information exchange with the ship’s representatives. The new pipe segments were successfully installed on the ship by our specialists.