Marine supplies

Technical ship supply

Services Provided

Anchors & chains
  • Anchor type HALL
  • Anchor type SPEK
  • Anchor type POOL TW
  • Anchor type AC-14
  • Stud link anchor chains
Mooring ropes & tails
Steel wire ropes & slings
Marine valves & air vent heads
Fiberglass gratings
Cathodic protection
Warehousing and Logistics

Certification Society Approved

Pikasoma is a technical ship supplier based in Klaipėda, Lithuania. А wide range of marine supplies (anchors, chains, wire ropes, mooring ropes, marine valves, fiberglass gratings and cathodic protection) are available for immediate delivery to anywhere along the Baltic coast and beyond.

A.Suvorova str. 57-314, 236028 Kaliningrad, Russia
C/. Sao Paulo, 23, Pol. Ind. El Sebadal, 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Head office
Pramones str. 8A, LT-94102 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Duntes str. 23А, LV-1005 Riga, Latvia