Underwater work

UAB Garant Diving, part of Garant Group, has been performing repair, inspection and maintenance of ships and deep-sea exploration vessels with the assistance of professional divers for nearly 30 years. Our exclusive equipment and working methods, long-term experience and the team of divers all enable us to implement projects both in the ports of the Baltic States as well as those in other European ports. The company also implements hydro construction projects in the Baltic region and is regularly engaged in port infrastructure construction work and quay reconstruction. UAB Garant Diving is the operator of two multipurpose vessels, Mintis and Baltic Worker. In 2017, the company strengthened its position in the market when it acquired the crane , Baltic Worker, which enables us to rapidly carry out work at sea and underwater.

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Services provided

Hydro construction work
  • Underwater building of electrical and other types of cables and mounting of measuring devices
  • Technical maintenance of power plants
  • Technical maintenance of offshore oil platforms
  • Construction and repair of port infrastructure
  • Reconstruction of quays
  • Deepening of the port water area
Underwater construction and repair works
  • Vessel inspection according to vessel class requirements (underwater inspection)
  • Written works report with photographs and video recordings
  • Inspection of hulls for possible external damage
  • Entire ship hull cleaning
  • Propeller polishing and ship’s external cooling grid cleaning
  • Covering of ship cooling grids
  • Welding and cutting work
  • Repair of vessel hulls and wheels
  • Replacement of anodes
  • Rectification of propeller blades
  • Propeller rectification
  • Repair of damaged propellers
  • Vessel rescue/salvage works
  • Search and salvage of lost steel anchors, chains, etc.
Vessel charter services
  • Crane ship Baltic Worker - the 35-metre long modern crane ship, Baltic Worker, is intended to perform various underwater work and technical maintenance and repair of ships. The Baltic Worker is provided with four main engines for sailing and manoeuvring and four additional engines for equipment management. The crane’s lifting capacity is 40 tonnes. The ship is also provided with a powerful suction dredger and a sonar, which enable the monitoring of the bottom configuration and controlling underwater works
  • Exploration ship Mintis
Fleet management
  • Periodical technical maintenance of the LNG ship storage tank since 2014
  • Periodical technical maintenance of Būtingė oil terminal


Project name:
Stone removal in the navigation channel
Implementation date: 2010 m., vykdomas periodiškai
Location: Klaipėda
Brief description of works:

Stone removal in the navigation channel in Klaipėda was also performed earlier (from 2010) using a non-self-propelled crane, a tugboat and a divers’ motorboat. In 2017, UAB Garant Diving purchased the multipurpose crane ship, Baltic Worker, equipped with a divers’ station, which enables the company to remove stones quickly and cost-efficiently.

Project name:
Provision of anchored walls
Implementation date: 2017
Location: Klaipėda
Brief description of works:

UAB Garant Diving’s diver team carried out the provision and testing of anchored walls in quay No. 145 in Klaipėda in a very short timescale. The works were performed in three shifts and completed by the deadline specified in the contract.